Beryl E. M. Warnes

never too young to learn

I have been a weaver since 1974 and the process still fascinates and enthralls me.  There is such magic in the ability to create cloth.  The feeling of accomplishment generated when I create something I can wear or use is indescribable.

I became a fiberholic at the age of 8 when my Aunt Beryl taught me to knit; my hands became the tools of my pleasure. I continued to learn Crochet, embroidery, beadwork and quilting plus 7yrs of sewing and tailoring, I met my first loom at the age of 20 and have pursued the craft ever since.

I spent the years until 1987  using Mary Blacks “Key to Weaving” exploring the many facets Of the process, among them tabby, Twills, Plaids, Overshot and large overshot, Leno  Lace, Bronson weave, Swedish Lace, Dukanag,  Rippsmatta, Boundweave, Summer & Winter, and Tapestry.  I discovered each one of these structures could involve a lifetime of study.

From 1987-1993 I began teaching weaving and selling the fruits of my creative process.  Along with the help of friends we started a co-op of spinners and weavers called Julian Weaving Works, when the Co-op disbanded I found an affordable space to continue.  I had begun to weave Custom saddle blankets along with my wearable art and no longer had available looms for teaching.

From 1993 to the present I have owned and operated Julian Weaving Works continuing to weave custom saddle blankets and produce my Wearable Art.   I have made my living solely from my craft and feel very blessed.  I provided apprenticeship opportunities for those who wanted to learn.

Now in 2012 weaving Saddle Blankets are proving strenuous, not to mention I am getting many requests for teaching.

With 35 years experience and the love I still feel for this craft makes me want to share it.  I never met a loom I didn’t like.  Weaving can be intimidating so it is important to learn and be inspired by someone who is at peace with the process.  Personally, this took many years and miles of yarn.  It is my objective to share what I have learned and to avail myself to anyone who seeks this knowledge.

A question I get asked (a lot), how long does it take to learn?  It is 35 years for me and I am still learning.  Weaving is about creative process and each moment spent is advancement to your personal creative intention, and will lead to enhanced creative thinking.  The ancient rhythm of weaving opens a door to life process that enhances everything you do.  On any level it is challenging and rewarding.

My approach to teaching this time is going you be different.  Because the effects are the same once you weave, whether you own a loom and know how to dress it, or not, the magic reaches you and your process is enhanced.

Weaving is an expensive process to begin.  I would like to create the opportunity to immerse in this ancient craft and leave with a piece of usable cloth, and an insight into this magical process.  You need not own a loom or continue with becoming a weaver.  If this is something you have always thought you wanted to do, you owe it to yourself to try it.  There is a reason for your urge.

If you already have a loom and a basic understanding of the process it will be a way to advance your understanding and kindle a stronger appreciation of the craft.  Each yard of cloth woven brings new awareness, Time spent weaving alongside someone who has thousands of yards behind them can be inspiring and enlightening and help you allow the peace of creativity to enter.

Women throughout time have gathered while they create with fiber and cloth.  To name a few, knitting, crochet, spinning, weaving, quilting, sewing, embroidery, beadwork.  What I am offering is the opportunity to gather in an atmosphere that reminds us of simpler times and inspire gentler ways of fulfillment.  To be a fiberholic is planet friendly.  I look forward to meeting you.